Tim Allen: The Benefits of War

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Further detail

Title: Tim Allen: The Benefits of War
Author: Tim Allen
Publisher: Pre-broadcast version
Clip Duration: 29 mins
Permission duration: Indefinite
Copyright: Open University/BBC/Tim Allen

Abstract/Description: Tim Allen expores aspects of contemporary war. Are there aspects of wars at the turn of the 20th Century which set them apart from those of the past? Has warfare become entrenched in ways of life? The programme contains interviews with Mary Kaldor. Philippa Atkinson, David Keen and John Keegan.

Google Links:

Major Armed Conflicts - Taylor B. Seybolt
Daniel Snowman talks to John Keegan - History Today
Cosmopolitanism and organised violence - Mary Kaldor
David Keen - Listen to music

These recordings are made available with the kind permission of the BBC, Open University and Tim Allen.